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Comprehensive Solutions in
U.S. Government Contracting

Government Contracting Expertise

Our extensive experience in food manufacturing and distribution networks helps us mitigate obstacles that impede the Department of Defense’s access to your company’s wholesome and nutritious food products. We deliver a comprehensive solution for our food partners and serve as a single point of contact for tailored marketing and distribution management that meets the unique requirements of the US military. For more than three decades, we have cultivated robust relationships and earned the steadfast trust of pivotal entities including the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) and US military exchanges. This trust has positioned us as one of the premier suppliers of consumer-packaged goods to DeCA and AAFES Express Stores.

Government Contract Expertise
Gov Contracting

Core Competencies

  • Simplify sales and distribution for food manufacturers in support of military patrons – Our team is focused on the military retail sales channels working within the DeCA, AAFES, NEX, and MCX programs around the world.
  • Turnkey solutions to reach military consumers – We are your one-stop shop for complete sales, marketing, and distribution management solutions to the military resale channel.
  • Utilize data to drive supply chain excellence – We create scorecards using syndicated and customer scan information to achieve supply chain efficiency and partner growth.
  • Long term relationships with food manufacturers and distributors.

Our Difference

  • 30+ years of experience selling to DeCA and AAFES.
  • Influence spans 45 states, 2 US territories, and 15 countries ensuring smooth access to the exceptional products and services provided by our partners.
  • We partner with small, mid-size and large companies to market and sell their products
Gov Contracting

Core Codes


311352 – Confectionary Manufacturing from Purchased Chocolate
311612 – Meat Processed from Carcasses
311613 – Rendering and Meat Byproduct Processing
311812 – Commercial Bakeries
311919 – Other Snack Food Manufacturing
311991 – Perishable Prepared Food Manufacturing
311999 – All Other Miscellaneous Food Manufacturing
424410 – General Line Grocery Merchant Wholesalers
424440 – Poultry and Poultry Product Merchant Wholesalers
424480 – Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Merchant Wholesalers
424490 – Other Grocery & Related Product Merchant Wholesalers


8905 – Meat, Poultry and Fish
8910 – Dairy Foods and Eggs
8915 – Fruits and Vegetables
8920 – Bakery and Cereal Products
8925 – Sugar, Confectionery, and Nuts

Our Customers

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Defense Commissary Agency

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Army & Air Force Exchange Service

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Navy Exchange
Service Command


Coast Guard

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Marine Corps Exchange


Veterans Canteen

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