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About Global Military Marketing

About Us

Global Military Marketing is a leading sales, marketing, and distribution company and the one stop shop for consumer packaged goods manufacturers who want to enter or expand into the U.S. military market. Over the past three decades, we’ve built the relationships and earned the trust of the U.S. military retail channel. Global Military Marketing is now a top global supplier that serves active-duty personnel, military retirees, and their families. 

Let our team be your solution for success.

Global Military Marketing About
Paul And Kim Stagner Gmm Founders Circa


The Global Military Marketing story starts with founders Paul Stagner and his wife Kim (Shirley) Stagner. In the 1980s, Paul was working in Europe for the Carnation/Nestle company. He met Kim in Germany while she was working with Procter & Gamble. After returning from Europe, Paul and Kim decided to combine their extensive corporate backgrounds and military sales experience to create Global Military Marketing.

Today the company works with many consumer packaged goods companies who want to serve the U.S. military market and bring a “taste of home” to active-duty personnel, military retirees and their families both here and abroad. 

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